What its mainly about

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What its mainly about

Post by Anais on Thu Nov 03, 2016 7:11 pm

basically what will happen here is that once you are accepted into one of the two packs North or West. you will RP with them in your pack forum, led by your pack admin.there will be giveaways and items that you can earn as you play. there will be a lot of art involved as well.
there will be a challenge every two weeks that will be posted in the CHALLENGES forum. the winners will get items for their wolves (feathers, buddies, bracelets, necklaces etc.)
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN AMAZING ARTIST!! you will be judged on creativity. everything will be fair Very Happy JOINING YOU CAN ONLY JOIN WHEN CHARACTERS ARE AVAILABLE meaning that wolves that are already here will have pups or new stray wolves will wander into a pack. these will be posted in the AVAILABLE CHARACTERS forum. you will then pick your wolf and join the RP!


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